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  1. Final Demands
  2. Commercial Debt Collection
  3. Legal Debt Collection
  4. Accounts Receivable Insurance Mitigation
  5. Judgment Enforcement
  6. Bankruptcy Follow-up
  7. Background Investigation


All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and do not include applicable sales tax.


1) Final Demands

When you need to move an account along but do not wish to use the full collection service yet, ACA offers a 10 Day Final Demand letter which instructs your debtors to remit directly to you. We complete the forms and mail them out. The Demand is sent at no charge, and if the debt (or any portion of it) is paid within the allowed timeframe, ACA will waive its fees. Any remaining unpaid balance will be placed for collection at your regular collection rate.

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Professional collectors, attentive follow up and in-depth reporting highlight our commercial debt collection service. With over 20 years in business, collecting your outstanding balances quickly and effectively is our number one priority.

  • Fees charged only on monies collected.
  • Debts under 1 year old – 20% on Canadian funds, 25% on US funds. Debts over 1 year old (any currency) and all debts under $500.00 – 33%
  • Industry specific trade associations and organizations wishing to discuss a strategic partnership are encouraged to contact Client Services at (800) 561-8921 ext. 239.




Should your debtor require that extra push, ACA offers one of the most comprehensive, effective litigation services available. Extensive contacts across Canada, the United States and Europe allow us to provide “full service” collection to our clients with an eye towards keeping costs low without sacrificing performance.

Option 1: Client pays legal fees, disbursements and commercial collection fees as indicated in Service #2 (above).

Option 2: At our discretion, ACA will cover all legal fees and disbursements. The client pays a flat percentage on all principle monies collected. If no recoveries are realized there is no charge to the client.

Click here for a general inquiry on LEGAL COLLECTION.

Click here to PLACE a new file directly into litigation or to MOVE an active commercial collection file to LEGAL COLLECTION.


4) Accounts Receivable Insurance Mitigation

ACA will act on behalf of credit grantors and perform an investigation into any situation that may give rise to a claim. Insurance policies covering specific accounts receivable usually will not allow a claim should there be a dispute between the parties. ACA will investigate and determine if the claim is within the parameters of the policy holders’ contract and will report accordingly to the policy holder and to the insurer.

A Mitigation Report will be provided at a cost of 3% of the total debt (minimum charge of $100.00 to a maximum of $250.00).

Click here to order an Insurance Mitigation Report.


5) Judgment Enforcement

ACA has the resources to enforce judgments that clients have obtained. These judgments may or may not be related to collection matters and may have been granted by the superior or small claims courts. Judgments can be enforced in any jurisdiction in North America.

Monies set out in the Judgment (debt, interest to the date of the Judgment & costs) are subject to a commission of 33%.

Post-Judgment interest is subject to a commission rate of 50%.
All disbursements are in addition to the collection charge and are the responsibility of the client.

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6) Bankruptcy Follow-up

Applicable only to new files placed for Bankruptcy Follow-up.

ACA will file your Proof of Claim and follow up with the Trustee for information and dividends. This service is available at a cost of $75.00 per file.

Should you grant ACA your Proxy, we will file your Proof of Claim and provide follow up at no charge to you. All dividends are commissionable at the regular rates.

Click here for general bankruptcy questions and information.

Dowload PDF Click here to download a blank Proof of Claim & Proxy (Form 31 & 36) PDF.
An Acrobat PDF file will open in a new window. Please right-click to save the file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, print and save the file.

Click here to retrieve forms for a specific bankruptcy.


7) Background Investigation

Whether you require information on a new customer, an update on an old one, or even work history on a prospective employee or partner, ACA can provide you with a comprehensive report targeting your needs – in a timely manner and at a competitive price.


#1 Business Report $145
A verified, up-dated standard report covering the firm's antecedent history including information regarding the financial position of the company and general references regarding the firm as a credit seeker. Commercial
#2 SPECIAL Business Report $215
Includes details of Business Report together with information on principals and officers relating to their past experience and financial resources. Commercial
#3 SOLVENCY Business Report $245
Provides an up-dated and in-depth solvency report establishing the current financial position of the subject firm. Includes verification and general appraisal of assets and liabilities where possible, and general assessment  of current responsibilities including credit references and repayment habits. Commercial
#4 SPECIAL Solvency Report (Asset Search) $285
Covers the regular solvency report, plus special confirmation where possible, of guarantees held by secured creditors on assets of subject firm. Up-dated analysis of any known legal procedures registered in the name of the firm as shown in our files. This report is also recommended when an account has become a collection problem or where purchasing or repayment habits have radically changed. Commercial
#5 Charter Search $65
Provide basic business details – corporate name, principals, mailing and Registered office information. Commercial
#6 Skip Trace $160
Locate your party. No locate, no charge. Consumer

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